COVID-19: Regulatory updates

01 April: CSSF Q&A. Read here
26 March: CSSF Complaint handling procedure. Read here
25 March: CSSF Long form reports. Read here
25 March: Luxembourg government announces measures to stabilise the economy (FR). Read here
23 March: CSSF Regulatory Reporting. Read here
22 March: CSSF Coronavirus (covid-19): immediate review of current organisational setups. Read here. 
20 March: CSSF Update of the FaQ on the swing pricing mechanism. Read here
17 March: Luxembourg government takes measures to support taxpayers (FR).  Read here
17 March: CSSF extends deadline for AML/CFT survey. Read here.
31 March: Continuité des activités de gestion en période de Coronavirus – L’AMF accompagne les acteurs. Read here
27 March: The AMF and the ACPR warn the public of the risks of scams in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. Read here
19 March: Market activities continuity during the coronavirus pandemic– the AMF states its expectations. Read here
18 March: Ban of net short positions: Frequently asked questions. Read here
17 March: The AMF announces a ban on short positions for a period of 1 month. Read here.
2 April: Central Bank of Ireland – Consumer Hub. Read here
31 March: Central Bank of Ireland Statement: Essential Services. Read here
27 March: Central Bank of Ireland sets out Expectations of Insurers in Light of COVID-19 Emergency. Read here
19 March: Central Bank of Ireland – Focused on protecting consumers and supporting individuals and firms in financial difficulty. Read here
18 March: Central Bank of Ireland announces measures to support the economy. Read here
Irish Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation – Business Continuity Planning, Checklist of preparatory actions in responding to COVID-19. Read here
Irish Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation – Government supports for COVID-19 impacted businesses. Read here
United Kingdom
02 April: FCA proposes temporary financial relief for customers impacted by coronavirus Read here
02 April: Bank of England: Covid-19 regulatory reporting and disclosure amendments Read here
01 April: FCA Covid-19: savers stay calm and don’t rush financial decisions Read here
31 March: FCA Letter to firms providing services to retail investors about coronavirus. Read here
26 March: FCA’s expectations on financial resilience for FCA solo-regulated firms Read here
26 March: FCA Statement of Policy: Delaying annual company accounts during the coronavirus crisis Read here
26 March: FCA: Avoid coronavirus scams Read here
23 March: FCA Statement on UK markets. Read here.
21 March: FCA requests a delay to the forthcoming announcement of preliminary financial accounts. Read here.
United States
31 March: FED announces establishment of a temporary FIMA Repo Facility to help support the smooth functioning of financial markets. Read here
24 March: Federal Reserve provides additional information to financial institutions on how its supervisory approach is adjusting in light of the coronavirus. Read here
23 March: Federal Reserve announces extensive new measures to support the economy. Read here
Securities and Exchange Commission – COVID-19 Response. Read here
European Union
02 April: ESMA updates its risk assessment in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read here
02 April: ECB extends review of its monetary policy strategy until mid-2021 Read here
31 March: EBA provides additional clarity on measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the EU banking sector.  Read here
31 March: ESMA provides clarifications for best execution reports under MiFID II. Read here
31 March: ESMA announces update to reporting under the money market funds regulation. Read here
31 March: EBA statement on supervisory reporting and Pillar 3 disclosures in light of COVID-19. Red here
31 March: EBA statement on actions to mitigate financial crime risks in the COVID-19 pandemic. Read here
26 March: ESMA clarifies position on SFTR backloading. Read here
25 March: EBA provides clarity to banks and consumers on the application of the prudential framework in light of COVID-19 measures. Read here
25 March: ESMA issues guidance on accounting implications of COVID-19. Read here
20 March: ESMA extends consultation response dates. Read here
20 March: ESMA COVID-19: Clarification of issues related to the application of MiFID II requirements on the recording of telephone conversations. Read here
19 March: ESMA sets out approach to SFTR implementation. Read here
18 March: ECB announces €750 billion Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP). Read here