Hobson Wealth is a leading private wealth advisory team with offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

Hobson Wealth operates their business with a strong focus on their clients’ wealth, so they can provide clients with a high-quality, professional service. Hobson Wealth’s investment philosophy is that asset allocation is the most important investment decision. As an investment team, they aim for long run asset allocations that are:

  • Well diversified
  • Robust in terms of future market environments
  • Suit NZ-based investors
  • Easy to communicate with clients, regulators and other parties

Hobson Wealth employees own the majority of the company.  Macquarie Group Limited owns a strategic equity interest.

Hobson Wealth was originally known in New Zealand as Macquarie Private Wealth.  Hobson Wealth is named in recognition of Captain William Hobson and embodies the same pioneering spirit, diligence and visionary leadership of New Zealand’s first Governor.

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Hobson Wealth NZ Equity Fund
Hobson Wealth NZ Fixed Interest Fund
Hobson Wealth International Growth Fund

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