Strategies for UK based Asset Managers in a post Brexit world – A message from our CEO

A well renowned CEO once famously said ´pessimists may be right in the end, but an optimist has a much better time getting there´ At FundRock, we understand our current and future partners face challenges stemming not only from the United Kingdom´s decision to leave the European Union but also from the current pace of regulatory change. Brexit itself led to our own decision to accelerate footprint plans which we have now successfully achieved through our offices in Dublin and London. I am more optimistic than ever that we are extremely well placed to help you navigate these uncertain times, providing solutions insulated from geopolitical uncertainty. Our core message is simple, FundRock is here to help you succeed. Whether that be by sheltering you from risk, or offering solutions to help you grow and distribute your products, we believe your success is our success. My team has put together this introductory pamphlet, which outlines some of the key factors and how we can assist, which I hope you find helpful. Revel Wood Chief Executive Officer [wpdm_package id=’7394′]