UK based Funds

In our role as Fund Operator, we provide Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) services to open-ended investment companies, Authorised Fund Manager (AFM) services to unit trusts and act as Operator for authorised contractual schemes.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), our UK office has the regulatory responsibility for the compliant operation of all funds under our management.

Our fund ranges



Our core solution is complemented by a variety of additional services. All our services can be personalised according to your organisation’s needs, from a complete one-stop shop to individual standalone services.


Initial due diligence and ongoing oversight of appointed suppliers and Investment Managers

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MLRO - Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Ensure your funds fulfill all Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations.
Benefit from:
  • AML policy validation.
  • Definition of the transfer agent AML policy.
  • AML policy implementation.
  • Point of liaison for authorities.
  • Reporting to the fund’s board of directors.
  • Systematic management of exceptions approval requests.
  • Resolution of suspicious activity.

Scheme Documentation Production

As the authorised corporate director or authorised fund manager of our UK funds range, we are responsible for the production and upkeep of fund constitutional documents, fund prospectuses, and regulatory disclosures including key investor information documents, shareholder notices and other disclosures required under applicable laws and rules.

Regulatory Reporting (Solvency II; AIFMD)

Gain peace of mind by allowing us to ensure that all regulatory reports relating to your funds, such as AIFMD and Solvency II, are completed and sent to the regulator on time.

Global Distribution Support [stand alone service]

Your distribution gateway for UCITS and alternative investment funds.
Define and implement a winning distribution strategy for your funds.
Benefit from:
  • Market intelligence – Receive country specific information and statistics relating to the registration and distribution of your funds.
  • Fund registration – Enable investors from around the world to access your funds, by getting them registered and passported across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Global distribution network access – Benefit from global agreements with introducers, marketers and distribution platforms.
  • Introduction and appointment of required service providers in different jurisdictions – Get introduced to paying agents, information agents and representative agents you can trust.
  • ETF listings – Get your fund listed as an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) to enable investors to publicly trade your fund.
  • Market entry management – Gain time to focus on managing and marketing your product, by letting us coordinate your market entry with translation agencies, legal counsels and fund administrators as required.
  • On-going maintenance, due-diligence, risk and control management of distribution channels – Be sure your funds are and remain compliant with country specific rules and regulations.
We make it easy for you to access our solutions in order to help you realise your investment strategy.