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  1. Fast track your entry into the European market
  2. Distribute your fund through an established network
  3. Free up time to focus on investment management
  4. Meet regulatory requirements to distribute your funds in Europe
  5. Protect your brand and your investors’ interests

What is a Fund Management Company?

Fund management companies take charge of all activities relating to the day-to-day operation of investment funds.

This includes overseeing the investment management, marketing and central administration of the fund, as well as establishing a risk management and due diligence process that satisfies regulatory requirements and protects investor interests.

At FundRock, we have developed an independent fund management model that integrates seamlessly with your in-house approach and gives you full control of making the investment decisions.

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Who we are

FundRock is a leading independent UCITS Management Company and AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) offering solutions for Luxembourg and Ireland based funds, with paid up capital in excess of the €10 million capital requirement ceiling.

More than 60 people provide the full substance necessary for your funds. We speak over 20 languages and through our multicultural setup are able to offer detailed local market insight.

We provide solid substance and global connectivity.

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What we offer

We offer complete management company and AIFM solutions for Luxembourg and Ireland based funds, as well as stand-alone services for those seeking to complement their existing fund management infrastructure.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, substance and market expertise is built on the solid foundation of the fund ROCK:

FundRock - providers of guidance and local market insight that enables you to distribute your funds globally with ease.

We give you time to focus on your core investment management business, with the certainty that all other part of your fund are looked after.

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