FundRock Partners provide Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) services to open-ended investment companies, Authorised Fund Manager (AFM) services to unit trusts and Operator services to Authorised Contractual Schemes (ACS). We have recently received a Variation of Permissions (VOP) to allow FundRock Partners to act as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) to the European Opportunities Trust. The AIFM for this UK Investment Trust is currently FundRock in Luxembourg.

Our sponsor base is diverse, including Global and Boutique Asset Managers, Pension funds and Discretionary Fund Managers. All our sponsors are based in UK and regulated by the FCA. This facilitates due diligence and regular day to day contact.

FundRock Partners hold the following regulatory permissions:

  • Managing a UCITS (2013)
  • Managing an authorised AIF (2013)
  • Managing an unauthorised AIF (2020)

Passport Out:

  • Ireland - Management of AIFs (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) (2016)
  • Ireland - Management of Unit Trusts, Common Funds, Investment Companies (UCITS IV Directive) (2016)
  • FundRock is a Super ManCo with a license to act as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) to Alternative Funds and Management Company to UCITS funds. It is registered with the Swedish, UK, Irish and French regulator to manage local funds.
  • We have managed a vast amount of funds encompassing numerous investment strategies, including: Index tracker, Fund of Funds, Long/Short, Absolute return, Emerging Markets, Risk Premia (market neutral), Unconstrained, US Credit Funds, Mixed, Fixed Income / Bond & Contingent convertibles Bonds, Convertible Bonds, Money Market Fund, Currency, ETF, Fund of Private Equity Funds, Real Estate.
  • We monitor the majority of multi-asset classes, standard and alternative assets. Some of the asset classes and securities currently supported include: Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives: Exchange traded as well as OTC, Swaps, FX, Structured Products, CFDs, ETFs, Convertible Bonds, CoCos, ABS, MBS, Loans, Fund of Private Equity and Hedge Fund, Real Estate.

Being part of Apex Group, our clients have access to the broadest range of industry solutions across the value chain from a single source.

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