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Financial Intermediary


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The self-certification as financial intermediary by a user is considered to be a confirmation that such user qualifies as “professional client” in accordance with Annex II of the MiFID Directive. Users not qualifying as professional investors are invited to use the “private client” access instead.

The information is solely product-related and does not take into account any personal circumstances and does not qualify as general or personal investment recommendation or advice. In particular, the information does not constitute a specific legal offer for the purchase or sale of financial instruments.

The information provided under this section is reserved for professional investors domiciled in Luxembourg.

The following qualify as professional investors:

  1. Entities which are required to be authorised or regulated to operate in the financial markets:
    1. Credit institutions
    2. Investment firms
    3. Other authorised or regulated financial institutions
    4. Insurance companies
    5. Collective investment schemes and management companies of such schemes
    6. Pension funds and management companies of such funds
    7. Commodity and commodity derivatives dealers
    8. Other institutional investors
  2. Large undertakings meeting two of the following size requirements on a company basis:
    1. balance sheet total: EUR 20 000 000
    2. net turnover: EUR 40 000 000
    3. own funds: EUR 2 000 000
  3. National and regional governments, public bodies that manage public debt, Central Banks, international and supranational institutions such as the World Bank, the IMF, the ECB, the EIB and other similar international organisations.
  4. Other institutional investors whose main activity is to invest in financial instruments.

Shares/units in the funds described on this web site are not available for sale in any jurisdiction in which such sale would be prohibited. This web site is not an invitation to subscribe for shares/units in the funds described herein and is by way of information only. It is intended solely for the use of the person who has accessed this information and may not be reproduced or distributed to any other person. Subscriptions will only be received and shares/units issued on the basis of the current Fund Prospectus.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance. The price of shares/units and the income from the funds can go down as well as up and may be affected by changes in rates of exchange. An investor may not get back the amount invested.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the financial information herein but since it is based on unaudited figures, some changes may occur due to year-end audit adjustments.

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