What is a Cookie?

Every website you visit creates a small file (often saved in your browser’s ‘cookie’ folder) that makes your browsing experience run more smoothly by saving some information about you and your preferences. It allows websites to remember you and ensure you are seeing the content and information that is tailored for you. It also allows us to ensure our website provides the best viewing experience for visitors.

How does FundRock use Cookies?

FundRock uses six cookies to measure the functionality of our website. Our cookies evaluate how often you visit our site, if anything is downloaded, and generally monitor traffic. The Google Analytics cookie lets us know what pages are visited most frequently and gives us demographics information so we can tailor our website and its content.
If you want to know more about how FundRock processes personal data, please see our full privacy policy here. You may also contact our data protection team at frmc_gdpr@fundrock.com or contact our Data Protection Officer, Mark Hession.

Opting out of Cookies

We only use cookie data to analyze and evaluate the performance of our website. By using our website you consent to our cookies.
Should you wish to opt out of cookies for our website you can find links below for instructions on how to enable your browser to block cookie data.

If you want information on how to specifically opt-out of the Google Analytics cookie, please click here.

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