The AIFM Directive creates a single marketplace within the EU for the marketing of AIFs, known as a marketing ‘Passport’. Prior to the AIFM Directive, such marketing was only available to UCITS funds.

FundRock Guernsey can provide AIFM solutions as a standalone offering, in conjunction with Apex fund services, or other partners.

  • Cross-border Passport, allows AIFMs to manage or market EU AIFs in all EU Member States.
  • Activities can be carried out from the registered office of the AIFM, or via a branch established in another EU Member State.
  • NPPR approval is not always available for marketing in certain Member States, therefore the only way of marketing in those member states is via the passport.
  • Always a possibility that Member States which currently permit NPPR approval for marketing in their jurisdictions, amend their domestic rules, such that NPPR approval would no longer be feasible in the future.
  • By appointing an AIFM domiciled in Guernsey, the AIFM is untouched by Brexit from a marketing and managing of EU AIFs, so unlike the UK, there is no transition between pre and post Brexit and more importantly no concerns around certainty.

EU Passport Solution

  • FundRock Guernsey offers a fully compliant AIFM solution to investment strategies including debt, real estate and private equity.
  • With the use of open architecture, we are to adopt different approaches for each manager. This allows managers to focus on their core competencies of portfolio management.
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Chris Hickling


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