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Brexit negotiations timeline update

16 June 2020

Over the last months and weeks, the COVID-19 crisis has impeded the development of the Brexit negotiations and some doubts have emerged whether any agreement can be negotiated and ratified by the end of this year whilst the Governments also have to respond to COVID-19. Earlier in April, both parties agreed to resume negotiations and held new rounds of conversations. Find below additional information regarding key dates on Brexit negotiations. 18-19 Jun 2020 – European Council Summit June 2020 – EU and UK to convene a high-level stocktaking meeting 30 Jun 2020 – Deadline for decision to extend transition period 30 Jun 2020 – Deadline for equivalence assessments 30 Jun 2020 – Deadline for fisheries agreement 1 July 2020 – Target date for UK and EU to decide on access to each others financial services markets 15-16 Oct 2020 – European Council Summit 26 Nov 2020 – Deadline for trade deal to be presented to European Parliament if ratification to take place by year end 10-11 Dec 2020 – European Council Summit 31 Dec 2020 – Deadline for data adequacy decision 31 Dec 2020 – Transition period ends 1 Jan 2021 – New EU-UK relationships begins


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