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COVID-19: Company Update

01 April 2020

Maintaining an open and transparent line of communication with you has always been important to us, even more so in uncertain times like those we currently live in. Therefore, I would like to take up a few minutes of your time to update you on how our first two weeks operating under BCP have gone.
As our business model promotes cross-functional and cross-jurisdictional communication and collaboration, our teams are familiar with remote arrangements even if in smaller scale. Since March 16th though, our over 140 employees across all our 4 locations have been instructed to work from home in accordance with local governments recommendations. Attendance to the office is only allowed on an exceptional basis following executive management’s authorisation.
No organisation can claim it was fully prepared or had foreseen such an event. However, our significant investments in technology gave us comfort to take bold decisions and act quickly enough to protect our staff and communities but also to minimise impact to our clients’ business. Our proactive and early testing also proved helpful to eliminate the risk of potential hiccups in the process.
Entering our 3rd week, I am truly proud of the way our people have adapted to this new reality, the work ethic and team spirit they have demonstrated as well as the client centric approach that evades their actions. In times that can be challenging and stressful for all, trying to finding a new balance, their behaviour embodies the epitome of our corporate values: alertness, agility, reliability and integrity.
I am happy to confirm that, over this first phase, no material issues were reported and we have successfully and seamlessly transitioned to a home office setup globally that allows normal continuity of our operations. I would like to personally thank our IT team for their continuous support over these days.
I would also like to stress that, no matter how long it takes till we meet again in person, we remain by your side and available as ever through a variety of channels, striving and, hopefully succeeding, to serve you with no disruption in this turbulent environment.
We are here to navigate you through the turmoil and jointly manage this crisis effectively for you and your business. In parallel, we are closely monitoring an array of regulatory updates as they come out, in order to be well placed to provide you with valuable input. Please watch this space for an overview of updates from a number of jurisdictions.
Should you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your FundRock relationship manager.
Stay safe.
Best wishes,
Xavier Parain, Group CEO


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