MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset Growth Fund

Objectives and Investment Policy

The Fund aims to achieve a combination of capital growth and income over the medium to long term (that is, over five years or more).

The Fund will aim to deliver gross investment returns of inflation (as measured by the Consumer Price Index) plus 3%, over a 5-year period.  However, there is no guarantee that this return will be achieved and investors should note that capital is at risk.

The Fund has a flexible investment approach with a moderately defensive risk profile and will gain exposure to a globally diversified range of investments.  The Fund will be up to 85% invested in company shares through either direct or indirect investment.  Other investments can include: bonds (which are like loans that pay a fixed or variable rate of interest) issued by companies or governments; cash, currencies, other investment funds and indirect investment in commodities (such as agricultural products, precious metals and oil) and real estate.

The Investment Manager has discretion on which investments to hold in the Fund without any geographic restrictions.

The Fund can use derivatives, which are financial instruments whose value is linked to the rise and fall of other assets, for both efficient portfolio management and investment purposes.

You can buy and sell shares on any business day in London.

Recommendation: this Fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 5 years.

For full investment objectives and policy details please refer to the prospectus.


Details: MI Charles Stanley Multi Asset Growth Fund
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