The MI Hawksmoor Vanbrugh Fund

Objectives and Investment Policy

The Fund aims to grow the amount you originally invested and provide income.

The Fund will invest in a range of investment funds from the United Kingdom as well as authorised offshore funds listed on exchanges worldwide. These will be from a range of fund managers and will include funds such as investment trusts, which offer shares quoted on a stock market.

The assets of these other funds will be UK and global shares, bonds (which are loans that pay a fixed or variable rate of interest issued by companies and governments) and other investments such as property and commodities.

The Fund will gain exposure to property through investment trusts and exposure to commodities through investment funds, exchange traded funds and investment trusts.

The Fund may use derivatives for investment purposes however, this policy is not currently applied and may not be applied without giving the required 60 day notice to Shareholders.

The Fund will adopt an active strategy seeking to take advantage of pricing inefficiencies found in some funds, and from movements in financial markets.

You can buy and sell shares on any business day in London.

Recommendation: this Fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 5 years.

For full investment objectives and policy details please refer to the prospectus.


Details: The MI Hawksmoor Vanbrugh Fund
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