Sonoma Partners Ltd (the “Company”) is a UK asset manager which manages the MI Sonoma Investment Fund (the “Fund”). The Company was created in 2015 by three entrepreneurs who had sold various parts of their venture capital portfolio and a successful wealth manager for the purpose of managing the wealth of the entrepreneurs’ funds and then extending the offering to other high net worth families. The Company’s objectives are tax efficiency, low cost, transparency, capital preservation and wealth creation.

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve an annualised return of the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 5% before fees, without the constraints of any fixed asset allocation parameters.

The Fund is not constrained by any particular market benchmark and can be invested across all asset classes, investment strategies and geographies. Allocation to asset classes, strategies and specific investments will vary over time and will be dependent on the investment manager’s determination of prevailing opportunities.

The Fund offers several benefits over holding assets in an individual account including access to institutional investments, preferential fees, gross capital gain roll up within the fund, greater diversification and efficient portfolio management.

The investment management fee is 0.6% per annum for Class A Shares and there is no performance fee.

The Fund is constituted as a UK open ended investment company and is authorised by the FCA as a Qualified Investor Scheme or QIS.

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MI Sonoma Investment Fund

The Fund aims to achieve an annualised return of UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 5% before fees, without the constraints of any fixed asset allocation parameters.

The Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of assets which exhibit favourable risk-reward characteristics. It will seek to profit from pricing inefficiencies and asymmetric risk-reward opportunities.

The Fund will primarily invest in regulated and unregulated collective investment schemes, listed funds and investment trusts, which may include unauthorised property unit trusts and limited partnerships.

The Fund may also invest directly in equities, fixed income securities, exchange traded products and derivatives.

The Fund will be invested in a range of strategies and asset classes within any geographic region.

The Investment Manager may use derivatives for both hedging and trading strategies.

Use of derivatives for the purpose of meeting the investment objective of the Fund will not significantly increase the leverage or volatility of the Fund.

The investment of the assets of the Company must comply with the section of the Sourcebook applicable to Qualified Investor Schemes.

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