Antipodes is a global asset manager offering a pragmatic value approach across long only and long-short strategies (~NZ$9bn assets under management). They aspire to grow client wealth over the long-term by generating absolute returns in excess of the benchmark, at below market levels of risk. They seek to take advantage of the market’s tendency for irrational extrapolation, identify investments that offer a high margin of safety and build portfolios with a capital preservation focus.

Antipodes was founded in 2015 by Jacob Mitchell, former Deputy Chief Investment Officer of Platinum Asset Management, together with a number of former colleagues and like-minded value investors.

Antipodes is majority owned by its seasoned investment team and its performance culture is underpinned by sensible incentives, a focused offering and the outsourcing of non-investment functions to minority partner Pinnacle Investment Management Limited.

How to invest

Antipodes Global Fund – Long (PIE)

  • InvestNow enables investors to invest directly into funds online. Investors using InvestNow simply pay the fees of the funds, reflecting InvestNow does not charge transaction or administration fees.
  • Contact your Financial Adviser.
  • Contact David Batty, Director Distribution – New Zealand, Pinnacle Investment Management Limited.
  • To request an application form contact the team.

Antipodes Global Fund (PIE)

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