Bentham Asset Management is a specialist global credit investment manager. Their investment philosophy is based on a strong credit culture and a systematic investment process.

Bentham’s focus is on the preservation of principal and protection against downside risk. Through diversified exposure to the global credit market and active management, they seek to provide more investment opportunities when compared with managers that focus only on domestic fixed-income markets.

What differentiates Bentham

  1. Relative value approach, choosing investments with the best value or yield for a given level of risk
  2. Credit investment specialists
  3. Invests in institutional quality asset classes that diversify risk; syndicated loans, high yield bonds, convertible bonds, capital securities, and asset backed securities
  4. Actively manage credit risk in our portfolios. Actively manage interest rate risk also in the Global Income Fund
  5. Strong focus on portfolio diversity and liquidity
  6. Innovative, with a strong team and high quality systems
  7. Connected to a deep pool of Wall Street and London credit analysts
  8. Aligned with our investors to generate long-term returns
  9. Unique Australian perspective on global credit markets
  10. Generate regular monthly or quarterly income for investors
  11. Long performance track record with supportive researcher ratings

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