Vault Digital Funds (Vault) was founded in 2021 in partnership with Easy Crypto, as a New Zealand owned and operated digital asset investment manager. Vault believes that that digital assets have great future potential, and their aim is to provide kiwi investors with easy access to this dynamic new asset class in a simple, smart and trusted way.

As a Financial Service Provider registered with the New Zealand FMA (Financial Markets Authority), Vault Digital Funds Limited provides their customers with the confidence and peace of mind that they are investing through a New Zealand owned and operated company.

Vault has partnered with FundRock NZ Limited ("FundRock NZ"), as well as retail distribution experts like InvestNow and EasyCrypto, to bring digital asset investment products to Kiwis so they don’t have to send their money overseas to buy or store digital assets.

How to invest

  • InvestNow enables investors to invest directly into funds online. Investors using InvestNow simply pay the fees of the funds, reflecting InvestNow does not charge transaction or administration fees.
  • Contact your Financial Adviser.
  • Talk to Vault
  • To request an application form contact the team.

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